// Our New Baby!

So why has our newest family member, the FINEPLACER® sigma, shaken things up?

Finetech has developed a new bonder that diverges from our existing optics and alignment technology. Up until now, our portfolio of bonders has utilized a beam splitter to simultaneously overlay images of the die and substrate for alignment. Beam splitter technology is easy to understand so the learning curve to operate our equipment has always been "simple"… a word not often associated with the better than 1 micron alignment.  The new FPXvisionTM combines two optical systems to generate a real-time overlay image of chip and substrate.

Over time, we have progressed from manual configurations to semi-automated  and now to fully automated systems with full pattern recognition.  And now, fundamentally changing our optics is the most significant modification we’ve made to our equipment in the past 25 years and has opened many possibilities for our customers. They can increase and decrease the field of view (FOV) without ever losing optical resolution. This is important when aligning a large die with very small features.  Ramp rates are faster with our newly integrated software and hardware. And bonding can be done in a controlled environment (inert gas) or within a vacuum.

As I write this, I'm struggling to describe in words just how crisp and clear the FINEPLACER® sigma resolution appears, regardless of optic’s magnification.  Do you recall the first time you saw an HDTV? Perhaps you had a chance to view it next to an analog TV and could truly see the difference in resolution?  Our sensor assembly video does a good job of demonstrating the FINEPLACER® sigma's resolution, particularly in the section at 1:25 to 1:35, you can see the clarity.  

And then there’s force during bonding -- up to 1000N using the FINEPLACER® sigma bonder. Combine that with the option to fully automate the machine, place to 0.5µm, handle a 300mm wafer, and the ability to do thermo-compression or thermo-sonic bonding with a 10 minute change over.  There isn’t another bonder out there that can accomplish all this in one system, at our price point.  

As our company continues to develop products that quickly adapt to the latest technologies, our customers are able to realize their latest and most challenging applications.  Finetech continues to develop new equipment and modules based on our customers' requests.

FINEPLACER® sigma - Advanced Sub Micron Assembly Platform

09/23/2015, created by: Robert Avila
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