// Sensors and Detectors Bonding

When bonding area detectors and sensor devices, many process variables come into play. 

For years, Finetech has been involved in novel and advanced applications for these devices, so we understand  the different variables involved for bonding success (regardless of I/O count and whether an R & D or production project). We have worked with customers that produce die that have 8 micron Indium bumps with 10's of thousands of interconnects. Providing an equipment solution that solves problems like oxidation, alignment, co-planarity, force and process environment (inert) is nothing new to our equipment capabilities.

In a previous blog, I wrote about optical alignment and the features necessary for precise placement at the sub-micron level. If our equipment was not capable of such alignment tolerances, the remaining process variables wouldn’t matter....Simply put, if the accuracy is not sufficient, it’s very difficult to bond these devices properly. Quite honestly, the alignment of 10's of thousands of I/O 's is easy. Our optics are proven and capable to handle this. Providing the amount of force necessary to bond Indium to Indium without heat (cold bonding) gets exponentially more challenging.  Couple that with the need to provide sub-micron accuracy with high force and the challenges begin to add up.  In the event a process gas is needed to eliminate oxidation, Finetech has a solution. Incorporating forming gas or formic acid to reduce/eliminate oxidation is easy to do with the Fineplacer bonders. 

If you are struggling with sensor and detector bonding, our engineers have the process knowledge and our bonders have the parameter capabilities to provide a solution.

01/19/2015, created by: Robert Avila
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