13 Years And Still Going Strong

Back in 2000, Semtech Corporation purchased a FINEPLACER® pico rework system – one of the first systems sold by the newly formed USA sales office of Berlin-based Finetech GmbH. Thirteen years later, the system is still going strong.

The FINEPLACER® pico is used by Semtech in the rework and characterization of advanced components, including the RClamp® (ultra-low capacitance transient voltage suppressor devices designed to protect high speed data interfaces) and  uClamp® TVS diodes (used to protect sensitive electronics from damage due to ESD).
“Semtech likes the FINEPLACER® system because of its user-friendly software and hardware, thermal capabilities, flexibility, and robustness,” said Francisco Almaguer, Semtech Product Engineer. The FINEPLACER® has become an ever more important tool to Semtech as the dimensions of our products continue to decrease.   We currently use this tool to place the 0402, 0201 and 01005 devices on a daily basis.”

Robert Avila, Western Region Manager of Finetech, states “The fact that our 13 year old rework equipment can handle today’s challenging components says a lot about our strong engineering, long-standing capabilities, and robustness.  While other rework equipment manufacturers needed re-design to keep up with today’s packages, Finetech was ahead of its time, and still is”.

Semtech Corporation headquartered in Camarillo, California, supplies analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for use in high-end consumer, computing, communications and industrial equipment.

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