Finetech Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Berlin-based, high-precision equipment manufacturer Finetech turns 25. What began as a small start-up in 1992, is today a globally operating manufacturer of placement and assembly systems, helping technology start-ups and industry leaders worldwide to develop and produce trendsetting semiconductor products. At Finetech’s anniversary party, the entire team and guests celebrated this German success story.

On June 24th, company employees and visitors from around the world raised a glass to Finetech’s 25th anniversary. With the company’s history stretching back a quarter century now, the party location in the historical setting of the Berlin-Hoppegarten horse racing track was a perfect fit. While everyone enjoyed themselves with live music and many attractions for young and old, a dazzling laser show closed the evening and was the cherry on the birthday cake, recalling important milestones and facts in the Finetech history.

During his speech, Finetech CEO Gunter Kürbis thanked all former and current employees for their indispensable contributions to the company’s success. At the same time, he took a confident look into the future and outlined the company’s goals for the years to come.

Precision in Micro Assembly and SMD Rework

In 1992, Finetech’s start was quite humble: the first systems were built in a rental apartment in Berlin and presented at trade shows. Still, this is where the FINEPLACER® success story started to unfold.

In the Micro Assembly field during the early 1990s, many applications such as MEMS, optoelectronics and flip-chip assembly already required a placement accuracy of 5 micron or better. With the introduction of the FINEPLACER®, the market gladly welcomed this new generation of assembly systems that not only had the technical prowess but were also versatile, affordable and easy to operate. These platforms were particularly attractive for financially strapped start-ups who suddenly had new opportunities to develop their product ideas and quickly convert them into prototypes. In 1996, Finetech introduced its legendary FINEPLACER® lambda – a die bonder achieving a placement accuracy better than 1 micron.

During this time in electronic manufacturing, new market trends resulted in increasingly complex and ever smaller designs being packaged on densely populated printed circuit boards. In order to ensure safe handling of SMD components, a better placement accuracy and solder processing temperature management were necessary. These requirements were further exacerbated by the nearly-complete ban of leaded solder at the beginning of the new millennium. With specific configurations for soldering of electronic components, FINEPLACER® systems proved to be highly capable. To this day, OEM and EMS service providers worldwide rely on SMD rework systems from Finetech.

In Close Partnership with the Customer

For more than 25 years, FINEPLACER® systems have been representing highest precision and technology flexibility. From laser applications and sensor assembly to nano- and biotech, FINEPLACER® systems are being used for fast and production-related prototype development. Regardless of the environment, Finetech has always worked in partnership with its customers. Many of them have grown in parallel with Finetech, forming countless productive relationships over the years of cooperation.

With 25 years of technological know-how, extensive feasibility tests are carried out for customers in order to develop tailor-made machine configurations. This way, the customer can be sure to always get the best solution for their specific challenge.

With subsidiaries on three continents and an extensive network of representatives around the world, Finetech ensures quick response times, fast on-site service and personal consultation at all times.

From the Innovative Idea to Production

Facilitating innovation and boosting new semiconductor product development have always been driving forces of Finetech. In order to support the customer at the development stage, and also help them transition their processes into production, Finetech has been stepping up efforts to expand its portfolio of automated bonders. Along with its development machines, today the company is offering semi- and fully automated production systems combining process flexibility, high precision and speed.

With such an extensive product range, due to be expanded further in the coming months, Finetech is the only manufacturer in the market who accompanies customers from product development into series production. Finetech customers can expect a lot more in this area – and we look forward to welcoming you at the upcoming Productronica 2017.

The entire Finetech Team would like to thank everyone for their generosity and warm wishes on our anniversary. Your trust in us is our motivation to continue to advance and innovate in collaboration with our customers during the next 25 years.

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