Finetech Presents Production Equipment at Productronica 2017

With two booths at Productronica 2017 in Munich, Finetech presented new product highlights for Advanced Packaging and SMD-Rework and attracted more visitors than ever.

In the year of the 25th anniversary, Finetech could celebrate not one but two product premieres – FineXT 6003 and FineXT 5205. These brand-new fully-automated production cells are targeted at customers looking to transfer their developed prototypes into series production. For this, both machines strike a balance between optimized throughput, high placement accuracy and process flexibility. Primarily designed for the manufacturing of sensors, MEMS/MOEMS, optical transceivers, Active Optical Cables and Planar Lightwave Circuits, Finetech’s new production systems can be flexibly configured to support a diverse spectrum of applications and technologies.

For Finetech, the step towards production equipment marks the begin of a new era. By expanding their product portfolio, Finetech can now offer its customers a consistent line of compatible machine solutions from product development to series production. Certified assembly processes created in the R&D stages can be easily transmitted and scaled according the requirements of full production environments.

By providing everything from one source, Finetech ensures customers get access to very time- and cost efficient product development and production – with 100% compatible processes and minimal conversion expenses.  During numerous talks at Productronica 2017, many visitors already acknowledged the potential and benefits of this approach and were curious to learn more about the new FineXT product family.

Finetechs automated die bonder division at Productronica were completed by the FINEPLACER® femto 2, a sub-micron die bonder for development and production. Designed for complex applications with highest accuracy requirements and a diverse mix of bonding technologies, the system is suited for demanding prototyping tasks as well as high yield production of sophisticated semiconductor products.


Vacuum bonding and in-situ parallelism control

Apart from production equipment, Finetech also presented some product news for the R&D die bonders. One of the highlights was the new Vacuum Bonding Module for the FINEPLACER® sigma, which enables to perform the whole spectrum of assembly and packaging technologies under vacuum. Precision die bonding under vacuum offers many advantages and allows processes otherwise unattainable at atmospheric pressure. Hermetic sealing is taken to the next level, void density is significantly reduced, and materials and processes can be studied in a near oxygen-free environment. Advantageous for materials prone to oxidation, e.g. Indium, or for applications requiring extra reliability and stable connections, e.g. power electronics.

Another highlight on display was a new FINEPLACER® extension module for parallelism control during bonding. It was specifically developed for applications where large-area components with thousands of small contacts, e.g. IR sensors or pixel detectors, need to be bonded. In order to function properly, an absolutely coplanar attachment is mandatory. However, with bump sizes as small as 5 micron this can be a real challenge. The new Finetech solution allows for an in-situ coplanarity measuring and readjustment during bonding, ensuring a 100% homogenous attachment of all contacts/bumps across the entire component surface.


Thank you to all visitors

Never before had so many visitors from such a diverse range of industries visited Finetech at a Productronica show. Naturally, the newly introduced production equipment drew a lot of attention, but also the manual assembly systems as well as hot gas SMD rework solutions were met with great interest.

Finetech says thank you to all visitors and will continue to be an innovative and strong technology partner for high-precision assembly and rework tasks in research, development, and production.

Finetech is organizing another Micro Assembly Day in May 2018, the registration will start in February. Get further information under Micro Assembly Day (MADAY)

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