Finetech to Present Development Equipment for Optical Sub-Assemblies at Semicon Korea 2017

Finetech from Berlin is a long-term technology partner for high-precision die packaging and advanced optoelectronics assembly. Over the course of 25 years, Finetech has evolved into a globally leading equipment manufacturer for R&D, prototyping and production needs.

One particularly demanding optoelectronic application is the assembly of modern communications modules. Finetech is serving customers from around the world who engage in the development and manufacturing of optical transceiver modules (TOSA/ROSA) with bandwidths from 25 G to 100 G. Even with 25 G modules, the maximum placement error is only ±5 µm in x and y and ±1 µm in z. The maximum angular error θ must not exceed ± 0.5°. All these specifications must be met post-bond.

Assembling optical transceiver modules is a multi-step process which presents a number of challenges. The laser diode arrays must be aligned to the PD array with highest (post-bond) accuracy. Optical active surfaces are touch-free zones, therefore specialized glass mask tooling is required to handle the component. There is the need to work in different focal planes. And finally you need to be able to use different bonding technologies like gluing, fluxless soldering or thermocompression with variable process parameters to be able to build the entire optical transceiver module on the same machine.

Opto-Bonder FINEPLACER® lambda Supports Complete TOSA/ROSA Assembly Process

With the high-precision Opto-Bonder® FINEPLACER® lambda, the company offers a sub-micron die bonder perfectly suited for the complete high-precision assembly of opto-electronic sub-modules.
The system comes with outstanding optical resolution. Customers can opt for a Vision Alignment System which provides a resolution of 0.7 µm. This presents new opportunities when working with ultra small components of 100 µm and less. The ability to see smallest structures renders the FINEPLACER® lambda an ideal fit for precision die attach and advanced packaging in photonics and opto-electronic applications. Available in manual or motorized configurations, the device is the premier choice when maximum technological versatility and fast process implementation is crucial. Typical fields of application include R&D, universities, prototyping and low-volume production.

The FINEPLACER® lambda is capable of handling component sizes from 0.07 x 0.07 mm² to 60 x 90 mm² on a working area up to 190 mm x 52 mm. Wafer sizes up to 6'' are supported. A wide range of applications can be handled, including laser bar and diode bonding with Indium or Au/Sn, VCSEL/photo diode array bonding (gluing, curing), the assembly of lenses, mirrors or filters, and the multi-stage assembly of micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (i.e. MEMS/MOEMS) for communications and medical technology products.

Finetech to present at Semicon Korea 2017

Visit Finetech to learn more about the latest micro assembly equipment solutions at Semicon Korea 2017, February 8-10, COEX, Seoul, booth #5914 (with GANA Co., Ltd.)

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