From concept to final product with the FINEPLACER® pico 2 bonder

With the FINEPLACER® pico 2 bonder, Finetech presents a new generation of the tried and tested micro assembly platform for product development. With an especially wide range of functions and simple operation, the Multi-Purpose-Bonder will continue to be an indispensable tool in all types of R&D environments.

For many years, the FINEPLACER® pico has been the epitome of the easy-to-operate, manual laboratory die bonder and is used worldwide in R&D departments, universities and small batch production. One application focus is the development of MEMS-based sensors, image sensors and detectors, used for medical technology or the automotive sector. However, product developers around the world use the FINEPLACER® pico for a wide range of very different assembly processes. Being a manual bonder, there is no need for cumbersome programming of automatic process sequences.  This makes the FINEPLACER® pico ideal for fast and flexible product development and prototyping of all kinds.


The latest generation

Finetech introduces the completely revised new generation of the well-regarded multi-purpose bonder.

The FINEPLACER® pico 2 comes with a standard placement accuracy of 3 µm, making it suitable for demanding assembly processes of miniaturized components. In addition, the die bonder offers maximum application flexibility due to its modular system architecture. In today’s packaging technology, requirements often arise in the course of development or change with new findings. The FINEPLACER® pico 2 was designed to accommodate a large number of technology and process modules as well as application-specific tools, offering maximum flexibility in the design of processes and enabling all assembly and manufacturing options to be tested on the same machine.

Depending on the configuration, the FINEPLACER® pico 2 supports all typical bonding technologies such as soldering, adhesive bonding, ultrasonic and thermocompression bonding, as well as  processes using  process and forming gas, dispensing or UV curing.

If additional tasks are added, the system can be retrofitted on site throughout the entire service life.

The FINEPLACER® pico 2 offers a spacious working area which supports 300 mm wafers and enables batch processes. An unobstructed design allows users to add third-party functionalities and customize the bonding system at any time.


Highest process reliability and easy-to-use software

In addition to flexibility, the FINEPLACER® pico 2 offers high process reliability. The structural rigidity of the design, high-resolution vision alignment system and motorized bond arm enable assembly processes to be implemented accurately and reproducibly, thus minimizing costly scrap.

The system is supported by the state-of-the-art and user-friendly IPM Command operating software, which is available for the first time on the FINEPLACER® pico platform.

IPM Command makes it very easy for the user to concentrate on the core tasks involved in application development and minimizes operating errors.

In combination with the flexibly configurable hardware, the operating software offers a unique range of intervention options for process optimization and ensures process results of the highest quality at every stage of product development.


Low-risk product development with "Prototype to Production

Like all current FINEPLACER® die bonders, the FINEPLACER® pico 2 follows Finetech's "Prototype to Production" approach of a cross-system, unified hardware and software platform. It enables R&D processes to be seamlessly transferred with all their technological diversity from development lab to production environment. This opens up adapted product development strategies with minimized financial risk, especially for users with tight budgets and uncertain development projects.

Developers can begin their projects with a comparatively low initial investment on a manual FINEPLACER® R&D bonder. In the creative phase, they benefit from the open design and freedom of a versatile and highly adaptable manual development system. Once the new product is ready for production, the R&D processes are transferred 1:1 to a FINEPLACER® production system and automated without additional development effort.

This enables flexible and low-risk product development in every respect and paves the way for the efficient, fully-automated production of innovative sensors, detectors and other semiconductor products.


Live at Productronica 2021

This new multi-purpose bonder for laboratories and research will make its world debut at Productronica 2021 in Munich, booth B2.411.

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