Interview with Finetech Head of Sales Europe, Mr. Thomas Müller, in Nanoindustry Magazine

In his interview with Nanoindustry, Thomas Müller talks about the peculiarities of the Russian market and provides an outlook into the current and upcoming Finetech company activities in the region.

Finetech is a machine manufacturer from Berlin, Germany. For over 20 years, it has been developing and manufacturing equipment – the FINEPLACER® systems – for the semiconductor industry. One business segment is building machines for the professional rework of printed circuit boards in production environments. With hot-gas SMD rework stations, the company is a technology partner of renowned and worldwide leaders like Microsoft, Siemens, and many more. The second mainstay is the development and manufacturing of micro assembly systems. Customers from all over the world rely on flexible and highly precise die bonders – with typical fields of applications being R&D, prototyping or small series production.

Mr. Müller, how do you estimate the position of the company in the main sectors of the micro assembly market?

We’re continuously working on developing our products further to offer high-tech products "Made in Germany". We consider ourselves a leading manufacturer of R&D bonders for optoelectronics, chip packaging, detector assembly and many more demanding applications. Strong points of our products include high placement accuracy, unrivaled technological flexibility, but also reliability and an easy-to-use operating concept.

A sub-micron die bonder like the manual FINEPLACER® lambda can be easily used for high precision soldering of a laser bar with e.g. AuSn. Due to a wide range of compatible extension modules and tools the same machine can also be used for ultrasonic or thermocompression bonding or for adhesive technologies. This degree of flexibility is highly appreciated by universities, institutes or commercial R&D departments.

With two recent entries in the 0.5 μm class, FINEPLACER® sigma and FINEPLACER® femto 2, we push forward to offer solutions for the semi and fully automated semiconductor production.

What are competitive advantages of the company?

Against the general trend, we have decided years ago to keep the entire product development and production chain in our hands. This includes the machine hardware, process modules, control electronics, tooling, software, and more. Today, this proves to be a real advantage, especially when working on customer-specific solutions. The in-house approach results in short ways and response times during development and manufacturing.

We also put special emphasis on our application support unit. Experienced engineers help our customers with process development and sample assemblies. The close partnership gives us insights in the latest developments in microelectronics, photonics or medical technologies. Valuable information which directly informs the development of new FINEPLACER® systems.

And wherever in the world we have machine installations, high quality service is our top priority. Our very own service engineers as well as the ones from our partners are constantly being trained in order to meet the high requirements of our customers. [...]

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