Neuralink using Finetech bonder for packaging development work

Neuralink is a neurotechnology company that’s developing implantable, ultra-high bandwidth brain–machine interfaces (BMI) to connect humans and computers.  Neuralink’s approach to BMI involves unprecedented packaging density and scalability in a clinically relevant package.


The exciting and rapid advances Neuralink has made over the past couple of years has been aided by the accelerated delivery time of a Finetech precision bonder, capable of bonding die with accuracies of 0.5 µm.  Finetech recognizes Neuralink to be one of the most compelling startup companies of the last decade.

The FINEPLACER® bonders have become the “go to” solution for dozens of startup companies to create innovative products that require a pathway from prototyping to production. “Simply Accurate” is not just our company slogan, it’s a capability that assists in the development of many novel technologies.

“The ability to have a turnkey solution for our high precision die bonding is critical for us. Not only has Finetech provided this, but they’ve done so with speed and outstanding support” – Vanessa Tolosa, Neuralink

To learn more about Neuralink’s technology, watch the July 16 press conference that outlines their plans

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