PIEK I.E.C. Rely on FINEPLACER® core rework station

Numerous companies, institutes and educational facilities around the world are already working with Finetechs compact hot gas rework system FINEPLACER® core in production, for contract or development works as well as for educational purposes. The latter include such big players as the Fraunhofer Institutes for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM) in Munich and Itzehoe or German electronics manufacturer RAFI.

The FINEPLACER® core manages to unite the defining features of a future-proof SMD rework system in a device with particularly compact footprint. With digital calibration options and contactless process start sensor the machine meets the highest demands in terms of process reliability and reproducibility. Other professional equipment options such as a process gas switching for efficient use of  inert gas, the Barcode Reader Module "SmartIdent" for fast identification and tracking of PCB or even a tailor-made equipment package for sophisticated 01005 rework challenges make the FINEPLACER® core a full-fledged work station ready for all future challenges. And due to the "SmartControl" touch interface software module which comes as a standard the operator will be presented with a highly intuitive and target-oriented user experience.
With support of Tooltronics, regional distributor of Finetech products in the Benelux, Finetech has started a co-operation with PIEK International Educational Centre, Heerlen (Netherlands) one year ago. PIEK, leading international training and certification institute for the electronics industry, has been provided by Finetech a fully-equipped FINEPLACER® core now used in IPC certified trainings of customers from the electronics industry looking to learn basics and details of the professional SMD rework.

Peter Oelen, Tooltronics CEO, explains how the co-operation came about:

"Installing a FINEPLACER® core at PIEK had a number of benefits: The instructors at PIEK have been trained to work with this machine and are in an excellent position to familiarize the employees of their customers with it. In return, we have the opportunity to demonstrate the FINEPLACER® systems strengths to potential customers live at PIEK".

Ben Walls, PIEK CEO, comments on the decision to rely on a FINEPLACER® system for their training operations.

“For PIEK, it is essential that we always work with state-of-the-art equipment. Working together with companies who, just like PIEK, have a solid reputation internationally, gives the customer confidence.”

"Quality and delivering cutting edge training is one of PIEK’s spearheads and high-quality equipment is indispensable thereby,” says Walls.

And Dan Lilie, Finetech Product Manager, is convinced the FINEPLACER® core  is the perfect training system:

"We are delighted that PIEK is in the position and qualified to introduce their customers, currently mainly at home in manual soldering, to working with a hot gas rework station. By combining a compact footprint, easy operation and professional, future-proof equipment the FINEPLACER® core is the perfect choice for entering the field of professional SMD rework. Also, their intensive training sessions with relative newcomers provide a constant source of inspiration how to further optimize the system in terms of a particularly beginner-friendly operation concept. "

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