Hot Air SMD Rework Station FINEPLACER core plus

Professional SMD Rework Station for Production and R&D

Qualified rework of demanding SMD assemblies is the primary function of the FINEPLACER® coreplus. The rework system is particularly well suited for electronics development and production, where the spectrum of components includes the smallest assemblies on densely populated boards as well as particularly large components.

The diversity of variants in SMD technology continually expands and one major challenge is advancing miniaturization. Driven by a lack of space on the boards as well as rising raw material prices, assemblies are becoming smaller and smaller. Formats such as 01005 and 008004 are becoming increasingly widespread, along with miniaturized components such as µ-BGA, µ-QFN or mini-LED. Then again, massive BGAs or multilayer PCBs present their own unique challenges in terms of component handling and heat input.

To ensure that all types of facilities, from R&D departments and production facilities at OEMs to scientific institutions and contract manufacturers, are optimally equipped for current and future tasks, the Finetech Berlin rework professionals developed the FINEPLACER® coreplus. This selective soldering station with temperature- and time-controlled automatic processes, and self-regulating adjustable touchdown force of the soldering arm, enables reproducible rework of virtually all SMD components on the market. In addition to standard components from extremely small to very large, it accommodates coils, connectors, daughterboards, underfill assemblies or passive resistors.

Equipped to perform the complete SMD rework cycle
The FINEPLACER® coreplus is fully equipped to perform the complete SMD rework cycle:  realignment or de-soldering of the component, residual solder removal, solder paste application and soldering of the new component.

In combination with easily configurable RGW color light, the high-resolution alignment optics provide sharp and high-contrast overlay images of chip and PCB. Thanks to 12x zoom magnification optics, the FINEPLACER® coreplus achieves a placement accuracy of 10 µm and enables reliable rework of components with an edge length of 0.1 mm x 0.1 mm.

For increased process reliability, all work steps can be monitored in-situ using a process camera that swivels 200° degrees around the solder joint. A 3x zoom magnification ensures that a particularly wide range of components can be viewed with the same configuration.  

A comprehensive array of solutions is available for the application of fresh solder (by dispenser or direct printing on the component) and for reballing BGA components.

For demanding components and special applications, Finetech develops application-specific soldering tools with vacuum support, in thermode design or with clamping or cutting functionality. The special tools allow safe handling of all types of SMD components, provide access even on densely populated boards, and effectively protect adjacent components from damage.

Hot gas technology – similar to a reflow oven
For preheating and reflow processes, the FINEPLACER® coreplus relies on efficient hot gas technology with profile-controlled bottom and top heating. The hot gas bottom heating enables homogeneous heat input onto the board, as no reflections or non-uniform surfaces interfere. This reduces board stress and protects the PCB tracks during the rework process. Using hot gas top heating and a soldering tool, the heat is directed specifically to the component in order to reflow the solder joints.

Another benefit is the optional use of nitrogen. Nitrogen creates a protective atmosphere around the solder joint and prevents the ingress of oxygen. This minimizes oxidation, optimizes the wetting behavior of the solder, and ensures long-lasting solder joints that meet the highest demands, as in aerospace or medical settings.

Safe user guidance for reproducible process results
The central control interface of the FINEPLACER® coreplus is the Reflow Command operating software, which clearly presents all profile parameters and guides the user safely through the rework process. A Sequence Control is used which allows mapping of the individual process sequence and supports the operator with every detail.

The user experience is rounded off by a graphical process selection. As a result, the hot gas rework station can be operated easily and intuitively after only a brief introduction and delivers reproducible process results regardless of the user's level of experience.

Live at Productronica 2021
Finetech will showcase the FINEPLACER® coreplus live at Productronica 2021, booth A4-181. All visitors are invited to bring their most challenging applications to see the capabilities of the rework system during a live rework demo in Munich.

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