Rework Solutions for All Applications

At Productronica 2015, Finetech is presenting a broad portfolio of hot air rework solutions for the whole SMD spectrum. On booth #A4/181, which is devoted exclusively to the company's rework branch, showcased products include professional universal systems as well as individually configured special solutions for „advanced rework“ and high-end systems for extreme repair requirements.

FINEPLACER® core – professional SMD repair for many applications

The FINEPLACER® core is a universally applicable hot air soldering system for the professional rework of electronic components and assemblies according to IPC/JEDEC. The whole rework cycle can be carried out on the compact rework system, starting from desoldering the component through site cleaning, reballing and dispensing to soldering the new component. The spectrum of compatible SMD devices ranges from very small components (01005) to large BGAs.

The newly developed Dispenser Module RD3C can apply glue, flux and solder accurately and precisely dosed. By integrating the working step “Dispensing”, the applicability and versatility of the machine is further expanded. This includes, for instance, the application of solder or conductive adhesive onto small passive 01005 SMD components or LED components. For leadless components like QFN with only few contact pads, applying solder by means of a dispenser is a fast, affordable and flexible alternative to stencil printing. Another application of the machine can be the precision underfilling of BGA or CSP with epoxy material.

Depending on the requirements the customer can choose between a local bottom heating for small-format circuit boards (e.g. cellphones, navigation systems, micro PC’s, hearing aids) and a full-area bottom heating optimized for medium-sized circuit boards (e.g. tablets, laptops, game consoles).

The intuitive operating concept of the FINEPLACER® core together with a comprehensive pre-installed process library and graphical user guidance allow taking up work quickly. Extensive professional functions like digital calibration of the top heating, precise control of the touchdown force and live process observation make FINEPLACER® core a future-proof investment when the demands get tougher.

FINEPLACER® pico – flexible configurations for special requirements

The FINEPLACER® pico rs is a highly configurable and versatile hot air rework station for reproducible rework challenges from 01005 to 90 mm x 70 mm SMD components on small and medium-sized circuit boards.

The FINEPLACER® pico rs can be tailored to exactly fit the requirement of an application. Due to the open platform architecture even micro assembly applications can be integrated. With a placement accuracy of 5 microns and synchronized control of all process parameters (temperature, gas flow, time, force etc.) the device is the ideal choice for advanced rework applications for densely populated boards.

Due to the high degree of process modularity all steps of the rework cycle can be run, new processes and technologies are easily retrofittable in order to expand the range of applications. In support of a wide range of applications, Finetech has been developing numerous special tools, i.e. for PoP, underfill components, LED or ultra-small SMD resistors.

The FINEPLACER® pico rs is used in R&D, process development, prototyping as well as production environments. Due to its system-to-system process transfer capabilities, profiles can be centrally developed and administrated as well as successfully distributed to run on various systems with identical results.

High-end rework system FINEPLACER® matrix rs for extreme cases

The hot air rework platform FINEPLACER® matrix rs supports a unique range of sophisticated repair scenarios. The Integrated Process Management (IPM) with its precise handling of thermal cycles as well the intensive exchange with globally leading OEM during the development stage set the system at the forefront of cutting-edge rework applications.

With the FINEPLACER® matrix rs, Finetech is in the unique position to provide a safe and reliable rework solution for the entire spectrum of SMD components from 0.125 mm to 100 mm. The portfolio of available process modules open up various possibilities regarding process design in order to comply with alternating requirements of even the most demanding applications.

Center piece of the FINEPLACER® matrix rs is the particularly efficient bottom heating module RB30, setting standards in the repair of large multi-layer PCB and components with high thermal mass. Being perfectly synchronized with the top heating, a very resource- efficient power of 4200 W is sufficient to ensure a uniform heat distribution with only +/- 4 K deviation across the total area of a large board. The optionally integrated forced cooling function allows reducing the cooling phase by two thirds between processes. In order to comply with manufacturer's specifications, each of the 12 heating segments can be individually adjusted with calibration values according to certification requirements.

Also of particular interest are the added possibilities provided by the optionally motorization of the positioning table. The table can be precisely shifted along a 50 mm range in X and Y direction. Being able to move a substrate independent from the operator is a very important prerequisite for a reproducible process design, i.e for contactless solder removal up to BGA 50x50, solder paste dispensing, application of flux or glue or special applications such as the cutting of underfilled components prior to a rework process.

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