// A Toast to Cool Customers

One of the best things about working at Finetech is we get to see some really incredible new technologies that our customers are trying to bring to market.

We work with many startups where there is often huge pressure on R&D engineers and their prototype efforts.  Getting a glimpse of the latest ideas in micro-electronics during the early phase is really COOL.  More about that choice of words in a minute…  

Often we cannot talk about our customer applications due to confidentiality.  That is why we took great satisfaction to see the recent Jim Cramer interview with Tony Atti, CEO of Phononic Devices – talking about their thermoelectric semiconductor technology.

Phononic is #18 on 2016 CNBC Disruptive 50 Companies List for transforming the fridge – with thermoelectric cooling that uses 25% less energy with no moving parts.  Currently, Phononic’s medical grade fridges are found in hospitals and science labs.  A new partnership with Haier is developing an innovative wine cooler. Other applications include CPU coolers and LED display signs.  The semiconductor components are manufactured in a fab and assembled at a facility in Durham, North Carolina.

It was roughly 5 years ago when a key Phononic engineer flew to Finetech’s New Hampshire office to see if our bonders could help them get to the next level.  He came to our lab carrying samples we had never seen before.  Within 45 minutes of his arrival, he was placing and bonding on his own.  We had a purchase order very quickly - signed by Tony Atti.  When I checked in with that same engineer recently, he mentioned that their Finetech bonder is used every day in support of the thermoelectric devices.

That indeed is very COOL for all of us at Finetech. Congratulations to Phononic and do check out Tony Atti talking about Phononic's technology and having a cold beer with Jim Cramer:
Phononic CEO: Transforming The Fridge | Mad Money

21.07.2016, created by: Neil O'Brien
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