// Another Year!

Wow! What a year for Finetech!  In Berlin, we moved to a new, state of the art factory, introduced two NEW Die Bonders (femto 2 and sigma) and were involved in many groundbreaking technologies. Each year we reflect on what we’ve learned from these new experiences and try to anticipate what may be emerging in the upcoming year. 

Throughout 2015, I wrote about topics that we believe will gain momentum and continue to expand.  In addition to these areas, we have seen recent activity involving the packaging and assembly of Quantum Bits (otherwise known as Qbits), optical phase arrays, LiDAR, quilt packaging and X-Ray detectors.  This is happening within R&D and start-up phase companies, as well as established fortune 500 corporations. As we continue to innovate and create new die bonding modules (bonding in vacuum, high force up to 1000N, sintering, formic acid and others), we are optimistic that the coupling of these process capabilities with our ability to place die to 0.5µm will complement novel advanced packaging requirements on the horizon.

This month, while meeting with a customer that produces lasers for the Google Loon Project, it was apparent that our existing customer base not only needs our die bonder equipment technology, but also our process and application expertise. By procuring a bonder with far-reaching technical potential, our customers can to continue to push the envelope in terms of pioneering devices, such as Qbits.

2016 is expected to bring all kinds of new technologies to our doorstep and we are ready to accept the challenge and stand behind our creed -- "we SOLVE problems".  I’m excited to attend our first tradeshow of 2016 in February - Photonics West (San Francisco) and see the applications put in front of us. I hope to meeting with some of you, whether you’re just starting out or looking for a pathway to production with our newest die bonders. Put us to the test! Let us help solve problems – it’s what we do!

21.01.2016, created by: Robert Avila
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