// Moving from Prototype to Production

During the Fall of 2015, we introduced the FINEPLACER® femto 2 to the world - a fully automated, sub-micron die bonder which expanded our proven base model into an enclosed system providing a cleanroom quality process environment.

FINEPLACER<sup>®</sup> femto2 - Automated Prototype2Production Bonder

Our existing customer Ultra-Communications recently purchased two femto 2 systems, truly moving from a prototype to production solution. And we could not be more proud. Ultra-Comm specializes in designing and manufacturing opto-electronic devices that are used in the most rugged environments - Outer Space!  

When Finetech is approached with a demanding application, we gladly accept the challenge. Not under the mindset that a solution always exists, but with the approach of, "lets see how we can incorporate our technology and solve a tough application or create new technology to provide the answer".  Many times, including with Ultra-Comm, we had long meetings, drilling down to the smallest details related to a design and a plan to assemble these complicated and novel devices. With Ultra-Comm, it has been challenging. It has been intense at times. Nonetheless, both companies focused on the technical details, collaborated, and communicated effectively until we could reach a resolution. Years later, after delivering a product that seemed nearly impossible to assemble, Ultra-Comm is moving into a production environment. And how exciting is that? Not only for our customer, but for Finetech as well.

Communication - a 13 letter word that is essential in all aspects of life. With kids, relationships and in business. At Finetech we never try to over simplify our die bonding technology.  We have evolved as a company because of customers like Ultra-Comm and we continually improve because of these types of challenges. Open and effective communication is key to these successes.

If you have a challenging application, give us a call!  We can work together to develop a plan -  starting in prototype and development.  And when your needs change, we can move you to a production solution. Put us to the test.... Ultra-Comm did... and years later, we continue to build on the foundation of communication and innovation.

17.01.2017, created by: Robert Avila
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