FINEPLACER® femto 2 - Automatic Sub Micron Bonder for Product Development and Production

At Productronica 2017, Finetech is going to present the automatic bonding platform FINEPLACER® femto 2. The system features a placement accuracy of up to ± 0.5 µm @ 3 Sigma and supports a wide range of assembly applications at chip and wafer level.

The FINEPLACER® femto 2 is suitable for clients from various branches, including industrial semiconductor, data communications, medical technologies, automotive, avionics and aerospace, as well as universities and research organizations. For many years, Finetech’s FINEPLACER® femto platform has been a reliable tool as applications migrate from process and product development to automated high-mix product environments with the focus on optimal yield. The whole production chain can be followed, from inspection to characterization, packaging, final test and classification.

The FINEPLACER® femto 2 is already successfully employed in fields of application as diverse as the development of environmental sensors for autonomous driving, power lasers for medical and cosmetic purposes, detector sensors used in particle physics or modules for photolithographic wafer exposure during semiconductor manufacturing.

Configurations for applications of any kind

Typical applications of the FINEPLACER® femto 2 are characterized by complex multi-stage assembly processes of very small or very large components, particularly high accuracy requirements as well as flexible and demanding combinations of various bonding technologies.

Like all bonding systems by Finetech, the FINEPLACER® femto 2 can be individually configured. Its modular architecture allows retrofitting the platform at any time according to the requirements of added applications and technologies.

Numerous technical innovations

The new generation of the femto-platform expands the proven technical base of the previous model with many improvements.

Finetech has equipped the FINEPLACER® femto 2 with a special machine enclosure. By eliminating external factors of interference, all process conditions can be precisely controlled and directly influenced. By means of filtration a safe process environment in cleanroom quality is achieved –regardless of the machine's operating site.

The Vision Alignment System FPXVisionTM  was especially designed for particularly high precision requirements. Together with the improved pattern recognition it provides the user with extended possibilities regarding application flexibility and precision.

Also, the innovative bonding and control software IPM Command has been completely revamped from the ground up. It allows for a logical and clearly structured process development on a modular library-based principle and is particularly easy to use.

Live at Productronica 2017

The FINEPLACER® femto 2 will be presented during Productronica 2017 in Munich from November 14th to 17th. All interested visitors may stop by the Finetech Micro Assembly booth #B2/411 for a first-hand experience of the automatic die bonder platform.

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