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With ESTC 2020 moving to a virtual platform format, we all have to explore alternative ways to reach out, interact and get to know each other.

For general consultation or a quick chat to learn more about our product solutions, just join our virtual meeting room and talk to us today. We are available online every day during ESTC 2020.

If you would like to see our acclaimed high-precision die bonder systems in action and learn more about how our solutions can propel your R&D, prototyping or manufacturing challenge, we recommend to register for an online machine demo. Based on your specific requests and your test samples, a team of qualified product, application and sales engineers will show you how a Finetech system can enhance your process results.

If you prefer a real machine hands-on, demos can always be arranged at our Berlin headquarters or at one of our worldwide locations.

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FINEPLACER lambda 2, sub-micron bonder, laser bar bonding, flip-chip, accelerometers, proximity sensors, resistors, microcontrollers, LEDs, optoelectronics research
Top-tier Equipment for Top-tier Research
Finetech’s versatile flip-chip die bonder is contributing to optoelectronics research at the UK’s top engineering university.

About Finetech

Finetech is the leading equipment manufacturer for sub-micron die bonding and advanced SMD rework. We provide flexible high-precision assembly, packaging and electronics integration solutions for each stage of your journey - from R&D to industrial automated production. Facilitating innovation and boosting new product developments have always been our driving forces. With our comprehensive product portfolio of manual to automated die bonder systems, we support you at the development stage and help you transition your processes into production.

We work in close partnership with customers - many have grown in parallel with us, forming countless productive relationships over the years. Finetech serves a broad range of industries, including Datacom & Telecom, Industrial Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Medical Technologies & Life Sciences, Aerospace & Avionics, Automotive, Defense & Security, Energy, as well as universities and research facilities. With subsidiaries on three continents and an extensive global network of representatives, we ensure quick response times, fast on-site service and personal consultation at all times.

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