high power industrial laser

Industrial Semiconductor

The industrial semiconductor market reflects the demand for industrial equipment, be it original equipment manufacturers (OEM) or electronics manufacturing services (EMS) – both set strict requirements for advanced packaging. New equipment designs call for development flexibility, whereas contract manufacturing typically focuses on automated high-yield production – both requiring consistent quality and reliable bonds.

Industrial semiconductors are found in lighting systems and building and factory automation - where analog products, optoelectronics and sensors represent the largest demand. High degrees of miniaturization and chip density bring assembly challenges to a whole new level.

Customer application examples:

  • High power controllers
  • Direct and pump laser sources
  • MEMS devices
  • High current amplifiers and controllers
  • Sensor devices
FINEPLACER lambda 2, FINEPLACER femto 2, FineXT 5205, automatic die bonder, single diode lasers, high power laser module, multi-emitter laser modules, prototyping, production
Automatic Packaging of Single Diode Lasers and Multi-Emitter Laser Modules
How Finetech supports a fiber laser manufacturer to develop and produce their own high power laser diode pumps.
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