Statement on War in Ukraine

We too are watching the intolerable acts of war in Ukraine with great dismay. Our sympathy and solidarity go out to the people of Ukraine, but also to the remaining democratic forces and courageous protesters in Russia.

In the Finetech family, people of very different origins, including many with Ukrainian and Russian roots, have been working together peacefully and successfully for many years. This makes us all the more shocked and saddened by the current events.

I know that many of our employees are already actively involved in taking in refugees, collecting donations and actively supporting projects such as those for Ukrainian children from war zones.

Finetech joins this willingness to help with a donation of 50,000 EUR to the Emergency Ukraine Aid of "Aktion Deutschland hilft" (

The money is used by "Aktion Deutschland Hilft" for medical supplies, water, food, clothing, sleeping bags, heaters and the establishment of Wi-Fi networks, among other things. In addition, the donations are used for transports and evacuations as well as for psychological help on site and much more.

At the same time, we are all aware of how important it is to enable the newly arrived people in the country to have a perspective and livelihood. Therefore, Finetech will explicitly publish job offers on job portals that actively target qualified professionals from the crisis region.

My sincere thanks to all our employees and I hope that this war will soon come to an end.

Carlotta Baumann, CEO, Finetech



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