How Finetech's "Prototype to Production" Approach Supports an Efficient Transition from R&D Processes to Series Production

Author: Tobias Gleichmann

Abstract: When transferring from prototype to production assembly, valuable time is often lost and costs increase when R&D equipment and production machines differ greatly. Many processes require a second development loop to ready them for automated production lines, and there may be a loss in flexibility. Higher and possibly riskier initial investments are often required, and staff must be intensively trained in the operation of the different machines.

This is where Finetech's technological ecosystem comes into play. Our "Prototype to Production" approach makes it possible to consider all future automation steps as early as the development stage and then transfer the development processes in all their technological diversity to the production environment with ease. This is possible due to a cross-system machine architecture, a unified process module platform, and identical software and operation.

The "Prototype-to-Production" approach enables fast, creative and flexible product development with a comparatively low initial investment and elegantly supports an efficient realization of product ideas. Download this paper to find out how it works and how it supports you in bringing your product concept to market.

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