Videos - Bonding

This growing selection of Finetech product and application videos gives an overview of different use cases for micro assembly systems and introduces you to some of the machines' functions and working principles.

Reactive Soldering with Laser Activation

Finetech's Laser Activation Module is used to activate or ignite reactive materials such as preforms or nanofoils by a laser pulse. With that short pulse of less than one second, the ignition temperature is reached and a rapid reaction will heat the solder layers on the preform. Additional cooling is not required.

FINEPLACER® pico 2 - Multi-Purpose Manual Die Bonder for R&D and Lab

The FINEPLACER® pico 2 is a multi-purpose, manual die bonder with placement accuracy down to 3 µm. Quick to set up and easy to operate, the system is ideal for fast and flexible product development and prototyping in R&D labs and universities.

FINEPLACER® femtoblu - Chip-on-Submount (CoS) Assembly

The FINEPLACER® femtoblu is an automated micro assembly cell with a placement accuracy of 2.0 µm @ 3 Sigma and ultra-low bonding force capability for photonic applications. This video shows the assembly of edge-emitting laser diodes to AlN submounts.

Sub-Micron Sensor Assembly

Bonding of a 20x20mm sensor containing 143,616 bumps and 50 micron pitch. Pickup process uses controlled force and a parallelism control tool.

New FINEPLACER® lambda 2 product introduction

The all-new FINEPLACER® lambda 2 builds on its acclaimed predecessor to set new standards in precision die attach and advanced chip packaging for opto-electronic assemblies and more.

Face Down VCSEL Assembly on Transceiver Modules

Thermo-compression bonding process for VCSEL to transceiver substrate assembly.  Precise placement is achieved by aligning the VCSEL eye to the substrate aperture.

Face-up Assembly of VCSEL and PD

Bonding of VSCEL and Photo Diode using a sophisticated reference tool. Process involves vision control of placement. Silver epoxy and curing are used in the application.

FINEPLACER® femto 2 - High Accuracy Automatic Die Bonder

The FINEPLACER® femto 2 bonder offers a precise large working stage, large device 3D handling, extended FOV, ultra HD vision system, and multicolor illumination. System features include a process gas enclosure, low and high bond force, and a local cleanroom environment.

FINEPLACER® femto 2 - Tacking, Bump Bonding

Population of a sensor substrate with several readout chips. Integrated oven process for preparation (bump forming with formic acid) and connection of the fine-pitch bump arrays via tack bonding (indium). Followed by a global reflow process in inert atmosphere.

FINEPLACER® femto 2 - Die Flipping Unit

Integrated die flip module automatically flips chips of various sizes and thickness. Can be used for chips that are presented with the bond side facing upward. Interchangeable platforms of the unit allow for component-specific adaptation.

FINEPLACER® femto 2 - Handling & Dispensing Module

Multilevel chip placement application with 5 micron accuracy and auto alignment. Sorting and assistance processes can also be supported. The handling module picks up die with controlled force, rotates and places the device. The dispenser module allows the application of glue and paste.

FINEPLACER® femto 2 - 3D Joystick

The 3D joystick allows fast, easy machine operation - a helpful tool when combined with the vision system and measuring function.  Switching over from automatic to manual mode is possible at any time.  Perfect bonding results with no programming effort.

Au-Au Thermosonic Flip Chip Bonding

Au on Au bonding process combines low temperature heat and moderate force aided by ultrasonic motion in the 60 - 100 kHz range - suitable for low to medium I/O count devices. Finetech systems provide optimized field of view for alignment and visual inspection in-situ.

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