Videos - Rework

This growing selection of Finetech product and application videos gives an overview of different use cases for SMD rework systems and introduces you to some of the machines' functions and working principles.

BGA Rework

Desoldering, soldering, residual solder removal on flat panel TV PCB.

CSP Rework on Mobile Phones

Chip Scale Package Rework of a 3x3 mm µBGA component on a mobile phone board. All aspects of the rework cycle shown with the FINEPLACER® core rework system.

BGA Reballing

This video demonstrates a safe and easy reballing process on a FINEPLACER® hot gas rework system in order to repair a BGA component. Also included is a contactless removal of residual solder from the BGA.

Rework of GPU

Typical process steps of CPU/GPU rework. This includes pre-inspection, board preparation, profiling de-soldering the component, residual solder removal, reballing, special processes such as solder paste printing or dispensing, soldering the new/reworked component and finally the follow-up optical inspection.

Contactless Residual Solder Removal

Contactless solder removal (site dressing) showing alignment of tool and component, application of flux and the removal process.

01005 Small Passives Rework

Process camera video: desoldering of 01005 small passive with small gap.

Single Ball Reballing

Process camera video: removing a solder ball bridge in a BGA

QFN desoldering

Process camera video: removing a QFN component.

PoP Rework

Process camera video: Active clamping soldering head for rework of PoP stacked components.

QFN Rework

Direct Component Printing of QFN or MLF. No additional reflow process for solder transfer onto the component necessary. Minimum heat load to component. QFN rework in OEM quality!

µBGA Desoldering

Process camera video: Desoldering a µBGA component.

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