Thank you for visiting our booth during Productronica 2019 in Munich! We hope your stay was successful and you could find answers and solutions that fit your needs. Our tradeshow team has been delighted by many inspiring conversations and exciting project ideas and all of us at Finetech are looking forward to working with you on your challenge.

Our advanced SMD rework systems based on hot air technology target professional rework of electronic components and modules, making it possible for the entire rework cycle to be implemented on the same machine. They support the whole range of compatible SMD components – from very small designs (008004) to massive BGAs – any challenge can be tackled with utmost precision, adaptability and control of temperature and other process parameters.

Below, find an overview of our Productronica 2019 product and application highlights for professional SMD rework.

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The All-Round Solution

During Productronica 2019, we presented the FINEPLACER® coreplus, a compact an all-round professional rework system capable of performing the complete rework cycle, including desoldering and soldering the component, residual solder removal, and reballing. The spectrum of compatible surface-mount devices ranges from very small (01005) to large components (BGA). The system also offers full support for the rework cycle of miniaturized components such as µ-BGA or Mini-LED.

Product Information

Highlights in Micro Assembly

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