Thank you for visiting our booth during Productronica 2019 in Munich! We hope your stay was successful and you could find answers and solutions that fit your needs. Our tradeshow team has been delighted by many inspiring conversations and exciting project ideas and all of us at Finetech are looking forward to working with you to bring your vision to life.

For almost three decades, Finetech has been supporting start-ups as well as global technology leaders in the development and manufacturing of innovative semiconductor products. For example, our high-accuracy die bonders are currently used to build imaging sensors for a wide range of applications, 5G modules and optical transceivers up to 400 G for data communication, or power lasers for industrial and medical applications.

Below, find an overview of our product and application highlights we have presented during Productronica 2019.

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The Ultimate Tool for Opto Assemblies

We have listened carefully to our customers and created the ultimate tool for opto assemblies - the FINEPLACER® lambda 2. A machine more efficient and ergonomic than ever and with unrivaled technological diversity for the high precision assembly of optoelectronic devices.

At Productronica 2019 in Munich, we proudly presented the successor of the acclaimed sub-micron bonder FINEPLACER® lambda. It is the perfect starting point to set up a cost-efficient and flexible product development and small-series production e.g. of high power laser modules, optical transceivers or micro-LED applications.

Unrivaled Flexibility for Prototyping & Production

We also presented the automatic placement and assembly system FINEPLACER® femto 2 which allows you to keep the versatility and precision of the processes developed on the FINEPLACER® lambda 2 and combine it with fully-automated handling steps and pattern recognition. Process parameters which have already been qualified on the development system can be further used on the automatic bonding platform, as their tools and modules share the same technical basis.

You can automate your placement and assembly processes in a fast and easy way. With a placement accuracy down to 0.3 µm @ 3σ and support for active alignment, the FINEPLACER® femto 2 is geared toward the demanding requirements of silicon photonics and quantum technology.

Speed and Precision in Production

Finally, we presented our large-area multi-chip bonder FineXT 6003, ideally suited to transfer your product development into volume production. The fully automatic inline-capable platform combines optimized throughput with high placement accuracy and process flexibility and can be configured at any time for very different applications and bonding technologies. The FineXT 6003 is ideal for panel-level packaging and embedded die / large panel applications. 

Product Information

Supported Applications

Micro-optical bench assemblyIR detector assemblyGas pressure sensor assemblyVCSEL/photo diode (array) assemblyVisual image sensor assemblyGeneric MEMS assemblyMicro optics assemblySingle photon detector assemblyUltrasonic transceiver assemblyLaser diode assemblyµLED (array) assemblyLaser diode bar assemblyHigh-power laser module assemblyAcceleration sensor assemblyGeneric MOEMS assemblyInk jet print head assemblyX-ray detector assemblyOptical sub assembly (TOSA/ROSA)E-beam module assemblyMechanical assembly

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