FineXT 6003
Speed and Precision in Production

Large-Area Multi-Chip Bonder

The all new FineXT 6003 is a fully automatic large area die bonder with true multi-chip, multi placement capability for high volume manufacturing.

The modular design allows to configure the system for multiple advanced packaging technologies. The machine’s capabilities can be easily enhanced to adapt to new technological trends. Combined with an automatic material handling and tool management system, this ensures a high degree of process flexibility for next-generation optoelectronic and demanding fan-out applications.

In operation, a speed mode and a precision mode can be flexibly combined. Given the frequently changing precision requirements during the assembly of multi-chip modules, this capability ensures optimal throughput and makes the FineXT 6003 the perfect solution for modern semiconductor production environments.

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Key Facts*

  • Placement accuracy of 3 µm
  • Very large bond area for wafers and panels
  • Multi wafer capability
  • Automatic placement accuracy calibration
  • Fully automatic material management
  • Automatic tool management
  • Adjustable Speed for Production
  • Multi-chip capability
  • Granite base and air bearings
  • Wide range of component presentation (wafer, waffle pack, gel-pak®)
  • Modular machine platform allows in-field retrofitting during entire service life
  • Synchronized control of all process related parameters
  • Numerous bonding technologies (adhesive, soldering, thermocompression, ultrasonic)
  • Various bonding technologies in one recipe
  • Integrated scrubbing function
  • Individual configurations with process modules
  • Process and material traceability via TCP (for MES)
  • Full process access & easy visual programming with touch screen interface
  • Data/media logging and reporting function
  • 3-color LED illumination
  • In-line capability with automatic substrate transport system

Functions - Modules - Enhancements

Our solutions are as individual as our customers' requirements and offer a wide range of configuration options. In addition to the system's basic functions, which are part of the standard functional range, numerous process modules are available for each system. Retrofittable at any time, they enable additional bonding technologies and processes either directly or as part of a module package. A selection of functional enhancements and accessory systems make daily work with the machine easier and help to make certain technology and process sequences even more efficient.

Automatic Tool Changer

Use different tools or tool tips, automatic exchange in process.

Chip Heating Module

Direct contact heating from the top with chip specific tool design to apply temperature from the chip side. E.g. used for thermocompression, gluing or ACA bonding

Component Presentation

Ensures safe handling of components from GelPak®, VR trays, waffle packs or tape holders.

Die Eject Module with Carousel

Used to pick up components with the placement arm directly from blue tape with the use of different eject tools. Supports snap rings and wafer frames.

Die Flip Module

Used to flip components prior to face-down assembly.

Dipping/Stamping Module

Manual or motorized squeegee units for presentation of adhesives or flux, suitable for various sized die. Rotary and linear versions with adaptable layer thicknesses.

Dispense Module

Integration of dispensing systems for applying adhesive, flux, solder paste or other pasty material. Various supported types like time-pressure, volume and jet dispensers.

Formic Acid Module

Creates an inert or reactive (CH2O2) process atmosphere. Used to reduce and prevent oxidation during soldering (e.g. eutectic or indium bonding). Add-on for Substrate Heating Modules.

Handling Module

Used to handle and rotate substrates up to 360° independently from the bonding tool.

Height Scanner (Laser)

Allows sensing of heights by means of Laser triangulation for measuring purposes.

I/O Lift System

Automatic substrate unloading from magazines / loading into magazines.

I/O Panel System

Automatic processing of large batches with a high number of individual substrates.

ID Code Reader

Allows reading of ID codes of various types like barcodes, 2D-codes and RFIDs.


For automatic transport of substrates. Width-adjustable for various substrate dimensions.

Process Gas Module

Creates an inert or reactive (H2N2) atmosphere in an enclosure. Used to prevent or reduce oxidation during soldering or bonding.

Process Gas Selection

Description coming soon.

Programmable Wafer Changer with Cassette Lift

Accommodates 300 mm wafer cassettes. Programmable speed and slots.

Scrubbing Module

Improve the wetting condition of bonding surfaces and reduces voids. Oxide layers are scrubbed off in a low frequency mechanical sonic process.

Substrate Heating Module

Various direct contact heating options to heat up substrates from the bottom during the process. Substrate-specific fixations available. Optionally with process gas integration. Used e.g. for thermocompression, gluing or thermosonic bonding

Substrate Support

Unheated support plate with substrate specific fixation (e.g. vacuum) to clamp various substrates.

UV Curing Module

Provides ultra violet light in various wave length for adhesive processes without thermal influence.

Wafer Heating Module

Special substrate heating module designed for large wafers. Very uniform heat distribution during chip to wafer or wafer to wafer bonding.

Applications & Technologies

Chip on Glass (CoG)Embedded die packagingPrecision die bonding (face up)Wafer level packaging (FOWLP, W2W, C2W)Flip chip bonding (face down)Multi chip packaging (MCM, MCP)2.5D and 3D IC packaging (stacking)Chip on Board (CoB)Chip on Flex/Film (CoF)Panel level packaging (FOPLP)
Your Sales Contact James Bishop

Finetech USA/East Coast
+1 603 627 8989
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