Micro Assembly Day 2018

On May 17, 2018, Finetech will hold the Micro Assembly Day 2018. This one-day conference followed by a day of practical consultations is a platform for active knowledge-sharing and networking, aimed at experts and interested professionals from industry and science.

As a long-standing technology partner for assembly and packaging, Finetech offers profound expertise in various applications, along with their implementation in different industries and markets. The Micro Assembly Day 2018 covers a wide range of topics, from LiDAR and IR technology to flow sensors to 400G optical transceivers and pump laser sources. Related applications include, but are not limited to MEMS/MOEMS, VCSEL & photo diodes, chip-on-flex and chip-on-glass, high-power lasers and high pin count devices.

Registration closed.


  • Insights in technology trends and latest applications
  • New contacts with potential partners
  • Inspiration and ideas for your own projects
  • Access to technological know-how
  • Overview of new product developments
  • Individual consultation on your application challenge on May 18, 2018


  • Presentations on innovative developments
  • Hands-on machine demos
  • Exciting discussions in a pleasant atmosphere
  • Guided tour around the Finetech development and production center
  • Get-together dinner with a stunning view over the city center next to the Berlin Cathedral on May 16, 2018


Finetech Production & Development Center
Boxberger Str. 14
12681 Berlin, Germany

Please note: Due to the international background of participants, the official language for presentations and discussions is English.

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