Precision and Flexibility for Advanced Rework


FINEPLACER® pico rs是一款适用于所有SMD器件组装及返修的增强型热风返修工作台。

该系统特别适用于各类高密度环境,例如移动产品的专业级返修,在这一细分市场中具有非常高的市场占有率。高度的工艺模块化,使其能够在同一平台上完成所有的返修工艺步骤。FINEPLACER® pico rs 适用于从科技研究、工艺开发、模型制造、到批量生产的所有应用场合。

其工艺应用范围广泛,适合中小型PCB板上从01005微型元件直到40x40mm BGA的所有元件。具有极高的工艺重复性。

"We have been partners with Finetech for over 15 years now and they have always been open to our needs. The support they provide is immeasurable – their engineering team is very accessible and everyone is well connected and deeply involved with each project. The quality we get is always at the highest level – from the first to the 2,000th board.”

Nafi Pajaziti
CEO, BMK Electronic Services
Your Sales Contact James Bishop

Finetech USA/East Coast
+1 603 627 8989
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  • Industry-leading thermal management
  • Closed loop force control*
  • Automated top heater calibration
  • High precision rework
  • High efficiency board heater*
  • Advanced rework capabilities
  • JEDEC/IPC conform processes
  • Live process monitoring*
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Process traceability
  • Semi-automated processes*

功能 | 模块 | 扩展


Board Printing Tools

Designed for local and precise positioned paste applying.

Bottom Heating Module

Our approach replaces excessive electrical power application by efficient use of energy to protect board and component.

Direct Component Printing Module

Is an “All in One“ solution for reworking QFN, SON and MLF components.

Optical Overlay Alignment VAS

Vision Alignment System with one camera and fixed beam splitter for an easy and direct alignment of component and board.

PCB Support

Dedicated PCB holders for any kind of board.

Process Start Sensor

Measures the temperature of a defined point on the board surface for reproducible process conditions.

Reballing Module

Allows solder sphere arrays to be restored on custom specified BGA or CSP components after residual solder has been removed.

Solder Removal Module

Allows precise residual solder removal in an inert atmosphere. Molten solder is easily removed from the board with powerful vacuum without disturbing any pads or solder resist.

Split Field Optics

Allow two opposite corners of a large component and its corresponding pad area on the substrate to be viewed under high magnification.

Zoom Optics

Allows the adaptation of the Alignment System’s field of view to ensure an optimized visual presentation of components and substrates.


确保从Gel-Pak®、真空释放型tray盘、waffle pack或者料带中安全可靠地拾取元器件。


Allows the in-situ observation of the working area during the soldering process.












Your Sales Contact James Bishop

Finetech USA/East Coast
+1 603 627 8989
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